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Dropset Gorgeous Radio

Jan 22, 2019

Welcome to another episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! My goal for 2019 is to add even more value to the show by inviting guests who provide an interesting mix of perspectives on fitness, business, or entrepreneurship. Today, Merlyne Jean-Louis and Marissa Crespo join me to share the importance of legal support and to draw awareness to legal issues many people tend to ignore until it’s too late.    

  • Why it’s important to talk to a lawyer before starting your business
  • Common mistakes social media influencers make
  • Different types of clients entertainment lawyers represent
  • Advantages of owning an online business
  • The value of allowing yourself to find your own path and pursue your passion

Merlyne and Marissa discuss their journeys to becoming entertainment lawyers and how their different backgrounds help them connect with more clients. They are both empowered boss babes who inspire others to be smart about their business and to seek legal advice from the get-go!

Powerful Quotes to Remember:

  • There are legal implications for what you do in your social media space.
  • People only talk to lawyers when they have a problem, but they should talk to lawyers sooner than later to prevent problems.
  • Social media has made fame a sort of democracy; it’s more palatable and touchable for everyone.
  • Give yourself permission to love what you do today for the foreseeable future or to love what you do now and be open to change down the road. Both are okay.
  • Don’t let your perfection be your procrastination. Don’t hinder yourself from finding your purpose.


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